Friday, May 7, 2010


“Know Thyself”, a popular saying, is so real in my life. I have come to realise that lyrics of songs is my greatest source of inspiration. I have therefore programmed myself to listen to only good music every day.

I tuned into a radio station this morning and I heard an unfamiliar song but the lyric was so touching and real that I goggled the lyrics to get the words. The title of the song is “No charge”. It talks about a guy who sent a bill to his mum for all that he’s done and being doing that the mum never paid for. The mum turned the sheet and wrote on the paper all the things she’s done for the boy: from the nine months in her womb to the cost of his college fees that she never charged him anything, after reading, he was filled with so much tears and he told her of how much he loves and appreciate her effort.

Sunday 9th May 2010 is Mothers day and as usual Children are having lots of plans for their mum. My question this year is “Do we appreciate our mother’s everyday or we wait till Mother’s day to show our love”? For some, it’s just about getting her a voucher for a shopping spree and it ends there, for others, it’s all about the fact that they have the money and so can even buy the world for their mums.
Every mother’s greatest pride is to see her child do something to make her proud so for most mothers, little things like their kids receiving prizes at school and getting promotions at work or their chosen field of endeavours make them proud and it has always been the case.

Even as we mark this year’s mother’s day, I wish we would go the extra mile of telling our mothers how much we appreciate their effort, not through a text message but if possible seeing them face to face to tell them how much they mean to us, that I believe will make them proud of us.

They carried, nurtured and did everything we needed at no cost, so let’s give them our all not on mother’s day but as long as God gives us breath, for they deserve it.
Kudos to all mothers, No amount of money can be used to repay your efforts and for that reason you never and can never be able to charge us.
Love to you all

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